Top Reasons To Sell On

The Best Prices The Best Prices
We continually monitor the supply and demand of textbooks, books, CDs, DVDS and Video Games in the market place in order to bring you the most competitive prices
Guaranteed Full Payment
Guaranteed Full Payment or Free Return Shipping customers feel secure knowing they are sending in all merchandise risk-free.
Simply put, you will get paid for all of the items on your quote or you will receive any items
that did not meet our minimum condition standards back FREE of charge.
The Converience of selling All of Your Items in One Place The Convenience of Selling All of Your Items in One Place
In addition to buying back books and textbooks, we also purchase CDs, DVDs and Video Games. Now, if you have a variety of media to sell, instead of going to several companies, you can place one order with us and conveniently ship all your items at the same time.
FREE Fedex Shipping On Every Order FREE Fedex Shipping On Every Order
With, all orders qualify to receive a FREE FedEx Shipping label, tracking number and $100 of package insurance. Shipping with FedEx gives you security and allows us to provide you with a reliable payment date.
We Provide A Tracking Number On Every Free Shipping Label We Provide a Tracking Number on Every Free Shipping Label
Whether you ship to us by FedEx or USPS, you can not only monitor the status of your order, you can also determine where your order is while in transit and when it arrives. Clients feel more secure sending their packages to
The Fastest Processing of Payment The Fastest Processing of Payment sets the standard for payment processing time. Your payment will be processed within 24 hours of receipt of items.
The Best Customer Service The Best Customer Service is a company who believes we should continually strive to exceed our customer's expectations. You can contact us by Phone or Email.